Welcome to Ideas: Skip's research and discussion forum

Welcome to Ideas.skip.money :smile:

Ideas is intended to be a home for ideas and research related to MEV, the sovereign stack, and sovereign and modular chains/rollups more broadly.

We’d love to see it become a space where developers, researchers, searchers, and validators can share big ideas early and mature them through public discussion, feedback, and guidance. The Skip team will use this forum extensively to post about the most interesting questions and problems we’re working on, announce new products, and of course shitpost. And we encourage everyone else to do the same!

Please introduce yourself in the replies to this post!

Why ideas.skip.money? :face_with_monocle:

It’s reasonable to ask, why launch another crypto discussion and research forum, especially one related to MEV when collective.flashbots.net exists. The main reason is that that forum – and most discussion forums we’ve encountered – are centered around a particular protocol or chain.

We wanted to create place for conversation and new ideas that have the same guiding principles as Skip itself:

  1. Sovereignty-first, not protocol-first: Ideas will be a place where developers, wallets, searchers, and researchers from all around crypto can come together and tackle questions around designing their MEV markets to achieve their own sovereign goals around redistribution, decentralization, and UX. Our hope is that we all learn from wildly different approaches emerging in different ecosystems and chains.
  2. Natively cross-domain: We want conversations about cross-domain and cross-chain MEV to be first-class citizens of Ideas. These conversations will continue to become more important as the modular stack matures and more L2s and L3s come online in different ecosystems, but the social coordination required to implement most classes of solutions is massive. Our hope is that Ideas can facilitate the cross-team, cross-chain, and cross-ecosystem collaboration that will be required to bring these to life.
  3. Experiment-oriented: We want to see weird, funky ideas. We want to see bizzaro shit. And we want to see developers and researchers leveraging all of what the modular and sovereign toolkits that are emerging in Celestia, Cosmos, Eigenlayer, and the L2/L3 world have to offer. From the beginning of Skip, we’ve been concerned about research and ideas orienting and stagnating around what has worked well for Ethereum, which has the most mature MEV supply chain, even while new technologies vastly change what’s possible to build with a blockchain.

On top of being a home for broader community discussions and collaborations, we at Skip also want to leverage this forum to change how we work. We’ve long wanted a medium to share and get feedback on early designs of products we’re thinking about experimenting with, and to get general vibe checks on how the community thinks we’ve been doing and what we can improve on. Ideas will be the place where all of this can happen, and more! You can expect Skip to be much more public-facing and engaged throughout our entire journey, sifting through the nitty gritty details of the sovereign MEV design space with you all.

Juicy Possible Conversations :eyes:

A few example discussions we’d love to see flourish here are:

  1. Mechanism designers who want early feedback from searchers and protocol teams on an idea to decentralize order flow.
  2. Protocol teams talking to DA layer teams about how shared sequencing could improve their application’s cross-chain coordination.
  3. Node operators talking to searchers about permissioned RPC services that searchers may be interested in using/paying for.
  4. Searchers talking to researchers about a new optimal routing algorithm from a paper that just dropped.
  5. Validators discussing with ICS protocol teams about how MEV revenue should be distributed.
  6. Just a couple of friends who are about to go to a hackathon and want some ideas on a fun project that may one day change the world of MEV.

That’s all folks :heart:

As always, we are open to feedback on how we can improve this forum to achieve the goal of best facilitating productive conversations that push the forefront of MEV-aware systems on sovereign chains and rollups to the next level.

Please introduce yourself in the replies to this post! We look forward to jamming.

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Excited to be here! Looking forward to see the ideas that come out of this forum

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